In November 2015, Mom came to Nine Mile Villa while we were away on a trip.  She had been living on her own but within three days of her stay, she decided that this was the place for the "next phase of her life." We now know why she wanted to stay.  Every time that we come and visit Mom, we are greeted with a warm welcome from staff.  The staff treat Mom with love, care and attention as part of a family.  The kitchen staff has been very professional and through.  Many activities and programs are provided.  Examples of these are a weekly church service, exercises and bingo just to name a few.  People are often seen playing crokinole and working on puzzles and visiting.  The interior is bright and beautifully decorated by Nancy.

In conclusion, Nine Mile is a beautiful retirement villa with an excellent staff.  We are so pleased that Mom is living in such a caring and safe environment.

Feels like home